Introducing Team Curve - Meet Anna, Support

In the first instalment of our meet the team series, we talk with Curve's Community Support Lead, Anna.

Tell us a little about yourself: who are you and what do you do at Curve?

I'm the support lead at Curve, which means I oversee all of the incoming conversations with our customers.

What brought you to Curve?

I love doing customer support but it can be hard to find a company where that role is seen as important. I knew about Curve for about 9 months before I joined, so I felt really comfortable that they were a company that put their customers first, which makes it a great place to work as a customer support agent.

Tell us about the usual day at Curve

On top of answering our customers' questions and making sure they're happy, we also make sure we're feeding back to our colleagues in the product team, which means analysing and reporting on all our conversations. We're also growing our team at the moment, which means hiring more fantastic customer champions and training them up.

What about customer support and community engagement interests you?

I like that customers have the best insight into your product, which means that sometimes you end up learning a lot more from them than they do from you.

I'm particularly enjoying building relationships with our customers and catching up with them on what they think about new features we release, or UX that we improve, as well as hearing how it went with Curve on their recent travels.

....and what makes your role challenging?

At Curve, for a fairly small team, we have big ideas and high expectations that we can't always fulfil as quickly as we'd like. It can be hard telling someone that they need to wait for a feature that they'd really benefit from.

What (project) have you worked on recently that you’re super proud of?

I'm most proud of the way that Mike has come into the team and got on board quickly with the complexity of the product. He's consistently enthusiastic about what we're trying to achieve here, and the big part that customer support plays in that.

What projects are you most looking forward within the next year?

I'm looking forward to growing our support out to cover more live chat and phone support, to offer more proactive support and more out of hours support - our customers use Curve everywhere, all the time, and it will be great to have customer support that really matches that.

When you’re not in the Curve office, what can we expect you to be getting up to?

It's really busy at Curve at the moment as we're starting to send out cards, so I like to be super relaxed outside of the office. Mostly I'll be cooking, spending time with my family, or watching Grey's Anatomy - my guilty pleasure!

In five words or less, what do you bring to the Curve office?

Lots of energy (for a small person)

You can get in touch with the Curve team at our Facebook and Twitter pages. Want to join Curve's ambitious and talented Shoreditch team? Visit our jobs page here.

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