5 Essential Articles to Help Balance Travel and Finances as a Freelancer

In the latest in our compilation of essential read for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and those who work for themselves, we're covering the topic of travel and money management.

The average UK consumer makes 3 trips abroad a year for business and pleasure. If you're self-employed this leaps to 6 trips abroad in a single year. If you're one of the 40% of self-employed workers that consider themselves "Digital Nomads" today, that number rises even more.

Balancing travel, work, and finances as a freelancer is bound to crop up down the line - stay ahead of the crowd with these 5 essential articles:

(1) How to Work Overseas Freelancing on the Web

Getting started as a travelling freelancer or "Digital Nomad" will invariably involve juggling life, work, money and location.

If you're one of the 40% of people looking to freelance abroad, there are a few questions you might ask along the way - from "How do I find a career?" to "Can I outsource?" - and Transitions Abroad provides the right answers to all your questions in one neat article.

"Just about anybody can freelance on the Web with some research, ingenuity, and tenacity."

(2) What It's Really Like to Freelance and Travel

Taking the form of a diary of time spent working and travelling as a freelancer, this Huffington Post piece offers some advice from those who have been there and done it. This piece is not only a must for those looking to travel and freelance for business, but also for those looking to lead a 'Digital Nomad' life and work on-the-go for a living.

Covering everything from getting started abroad, to finding work, to finding an office or base while you're out there, Emily Blatchford's article is a must-read.

(3) Must Have Tech for a Freelancer on the Move

Put the above into practice with some great tools courtesy of Business Zone. Learn how to get the most of technology - from mobile apps to smart legal advice - whilst you hit the road for business.

"The world of freelancing offers a degree of freedom... Choosing the best tools to manage the responsibilities that come with that freedom allows you, and your business, to [grow]."

(4) A Freelancer's Guide to Expenses

You've been on a business trip as a Freelancer. You've hired a car, moved around some office spaces in the local country, and now you've landed back home with some expenses from your time away.

But what do you do with your expenses? What are your expenses? If you're struggling with the answer to that question, look no further. Freelance:UK's article lays out what you should be claiming, and what you should look out for when working with clients abroad.

At Curve, we're making payments and expenses easier for Freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who like to travel. Simply spend using Curve abroad, snap a receipt of your purchase, then expense it when you touch down back home.

(5) Your Complete Guide to Moving Abroad to Work for Yourself

Applying to both those who are heading off for a short break to work remotely, or those looking to escape the 9 - 5 completely and work abroad indefinitely, this article from Fast Company is your complete A - Z on how to get started.

From moving and storage, to visas, all the way to getting the best bank account and card for when you travel, this list has it all.

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