Introducing Auto-Categorisation

We've released a brand new version of the Curve app on iOS and Android, with some exciting changes to how you track your money with Curve.

Keeping tabs on your spending habits made easy πŸ’° πŸ”

Getting real insights into your spending can be a headache; from waiting days for your statement to catch up with you, to working out what "SHOP123456-LDN" actually means, to trying to remember exactly what you made a purchase for... The list goes on.

So we're making it easier than ever to keep tabs on your spending with automatic categories in your Curve app ⚑️⚑️⚑️ From transport and eating out, to business services and bills, we now automatically categorise all of your transactions as you make them.

Smart categories and filters

This makes it quicker and easier to get instant spend insights across all your cards, not just the ones with a half-decent app. Wondering if you've been splurging a bit too much on travel this month vs. last month? No problem. Hop in the app, a couple of taps, and that's it - we'll display only your purchases tagged as 'Travel', so you can compare by month, export transactions, and more!

Instant spend insights across all your cards... not just the ones with a half-decent app.

Update Curve today and check out auto-categories yourself (we’ve updated every purchase you’ve ever made with Curve, so there’s no need to fill in the blanks).

This is the first of many exciting changes to how you track your spending with Curve. Help shape the future of the product- share your feedback with us @imaginecurve πŸ’¬

Alan McAlpine

Product Marketing at Curve πŸš€

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