Bookkeeping in Every Wallet

What would it be like if we could finally train clients to keep accurate records, reducing time spent on gathering quality bookkeeping data, without breaking the bank?

Your clients are already carrying the solution with them everyday.

That’s where Curve comes in. Built for accountants and small businesses, Curve consolidates your clients’ bank and credit cards onto one Curve Mastercard®, and sends every business expense automatically into Xero as they pay - all your clients need to do is remember to spend.

So why are accounting firms increasingly looking to their wallets rather than their app stores?

Built for accountants and bookkeepers, Curve is the one place for smarter business spending and expensing for you and your clients.

Start spending smarter. Try Curve for free.

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Good quality bookkeeping is hard to find

Every bookkeeper or accountant has encountered the “shoebox client” - that client who finds real-time bookkeeping difficult, for one reason or another:

     📂 Lack of confidence, seeing it as their accountant's job;

     📂 Seeing no separation between “business money” and “personal money”;

     📂 No time for financial admin when there’s work to be done.

And we all know that this creates problems when pulling together their accounts:

     ❗Not recording details of transactions, and having to chase this info later;

     ❗Using the “wrong” card, creating a messy trail of transactions to untangle;

     ❗Losing receipts on-the-go.

So the complex merry-go-round of working out what’s there and what’s missing continues. And as tax becomes digital in the UK, these inefficiencies will mean that clients lose time being chased for information, and accountants in turn spend less time providing their value-added services.

Apps are not always the answer

From receipt capture to cashflow forecasting, accounting apps and add-ons provide welcome boosts to businesses with complex incomings and outgoings. But for small businesses and the self-employed, the bulk of their expenses are direct purchases online - in shops and with suppliers.

The solution starts with a 💳

Helping clients get bookkeeping right - every time.

If your clients can use a bank card, they can use Curve: The only skill your clients need is the ability to tap, swipe, and carry their bank card. When they spend with Curve, business expenses are sent automatically to Xero, giving them the headspace to focus on their business.

Spent on the wrong card? No problem: For those occasions where a puts a personal expense on a business card, they can simply “Go Back In Time” in the Curve app and move a transaction from one card to another, up to two weeks after the initial purchase.

They won’t forget their wallet: Remembering to update spreadsheets and snap receipts can be difficult when clients are on the move. But we’re positive they’ll remember to take their wallets with them.

Good news for accountants

Instantly post into Xero: Every business expense made with Curve is instantly categorised and synced to a chosen Xero organisation - so when it comes to reconciliation, you’re a click away from “job done” (top tip: clients can add receipts to transactions anytime - we’ll automatically update the transaction in Xero once they’ve done so).

Correct data - when you need it: As transaction data is sent directly from source with Curve, you’ll see the same data that’s fed to the banks, so you can be confident that the right information will be posted into Xero. Everytime.

Suitable for any client: From the self-employed to small businesses and startups - whether they’re tech-savvy or used to pen and paper bookkeeping, Curve works. However they work, Curve makes bookkeeping simpler, more complete, and automatic.

Bookkeeping in every wallet - effortless data collection for everyone

Whilst there will always be the “shoebox client”, making the jump to better record keeping as tax becomes more digital could be easier than you think. The answer is already in your wallet.

Built for accountants and bookkeepers, Curve is the one place for smarter business spending and expensing for you and your clients.

Start spending smarter. Try Curve for free.

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