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We've all been there: on a trip, about to buy something, and... we've forgotten to take all our cards out! Now not only have you bought a coffee, you've also spent on the wrong card. Now you have to deal with the painful aftermath - transferring funds back and forth, paying off unwanted fees, and wrestling with a corporate expense report rife with personal items. You don't need that hassle.

Across the UK, as many as 2 in 3 small businesses spend a whole day per month on easily avoidable financial admin. What could you do with that extra day?

At Curve we give you that time back. It's our mission to help you spend, see and save across all your accounts - all in one place - giving you more time to focus on your business. Here's how:

Go Back in Time with Curve

Cut the worry and wasted time of spending on the wrong cards - with Curve, you can swap purchases from any one card in your wallet to another for free in less than 10 seconds, so you're never caught out (even when you are).


Curve's new Go Back in Time gives you the power to finally turn back the clock on those occasional money mishaps. Accidentally bought your morning coffee on your corporate card? Head to the Curve app, tap that transaction, and swap it from one payment card to another in seconds. No more hours wasted doubling back on yourself. No more incurred fees. No problem.

A simpler way to pay across all your accounts

Securely load your Mastercard® and VISA cards to Curve, unlocking seamless access to all your accounts in one place. Adding a card takes seconds and gives you an instant view of your spending.

You don't have to wait 3 days for your bank statement to catch up with your spending, and there's no need to scramble around your house looking for the right card to spend on - just one card, one app, and your financial world in your pocket.

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Smarter, smoother expensing

Whether it's for business or for tracking when and where you spent, storing receipts is something we all do day-to-day. Unfortunately, we're pretty forgetful and unorganised... We lose receipts, forget to send them off to our finance team, and end up paying for it out of our own pocket and free time.

Go digital and gain the confidence to get one step ahead of expenses. Tag your transactions on the move in the Curve Timeline so you never again forget where, when or why you bought something. Plus, get an email receipt delivered straight to your inbox after every purchase so you can forward it straight to your account. Like magic.

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Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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