Curve invents 'financial time travel'

~ In a world-first, users can switch payment card up to two weeks after a purchase ~

Curve, the the ‘connected finance’ startup that lets you spend from all your accounts with one card, has announced the launch of a patent-pending financial time travel capability.

In a world-first, users can tap the ‘Go Back in Time’ option to switch the card used for a transaction after the purchase was made. The update will give Curve users more confidence in the way they pay, and save the time and hassle people previously faced when making a transaction on the wrong card.

Curve customers use an all-cards-in-one Curve MasterCard® and a simple, secure mobile app to manage their money from one place. The card works just like a normal bank card, anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard. After more than 50,000 sign-ups in Beta mode, Curve cards have been used for over £50million in payments in over 100 countries. The business will soon announce closing a Series A round and fully launch this year.

Curve's 'Go Back in Time' is a world-first, patent-pending feature

Arthur Leung, Curve Product Lead and a former Barclays director of customer experience, explains the new feature:

This update is a solution to a common payments problem, and we know first-hand it’s a feature our users are excited about. Now, if a user makes a payment with the wrong debit or credit card, they can retrospectively switch the card they use to pay any time in the next two weeks. No manually re-wiring money; no missed loyalty points; no unintentional incurred fees by using the wrong card - with Go Back in Time, it’s just one tap. Curve takes care of the rest.

Curve has already raised $5million in seed funding, been named one of Europe’s 50 hottest fintech startups, and joined Tech City UK’s Upscale 2017 - a hand-picked network of the UK’s most promising technology companies.

Founder and CEO, Shachar Bialick, said:

“People want simpler, safer ways to stay on top of their money, but don’t always want to switch from trusted bank accounts. Curve cardholders get the best of both and that’s the mission we’re on - to simplify the way people manage their money.

'Go Back in Time' was actually an idea that came from a customer, and is just one way in which Curve’s unique approach perfectly suits the way people actually want to use payments technology. Our customers save money when they travel, earn points when they spend and are more protected from financial crime - all simply layered on top of the accounts they already have.”

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