Curve and Xero make 'doing expenses' disappear

Curve, the ‘connected finance’ startup that lets you spend from all your accounts with one card, has launched a new partnership with Xero to simplify business spending.

For the first time, you can spend from all your existing accounts through one Curve card, and Curve will do your expenses for you - sending them straight to Xero accounting software. It will make the time-consuming job of doing expenses effortless, and could give back an estimated 65 million days of ‘wasted time’ a year to the UK’s small business owners - worth over £7bn to the British economy.1

Curve allows small businesses, freelancers and contractors to simplify their finances - by spending from all their accounts with one Curve Mastercard, connected to a secure mobile app. The card works just like a normal bank card, anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard. With more than 75,000 sign-ups, Curve cardholders have spent almost £70m in over 100 countries.

How Curve looks in Xero

Arthur Leung, Product Lead at Curve and a former director at Barclays, explains:

“Everyone hates doing their expenses. It’s a tedious, manual job that takes up too much time. But it doesn’t have to be that way: now, Curve will do the job for you, regardless of the bank you use. Instead of wasting one day a month on business expenses admin, just connect your cards to a Xero account through the Curve app, and Curve will do your expenses for you. It’s effortless.”

Xero is one of the world’s leading accounting software providers for small businesses. It has over one million subscribers, and recently topped Forbes’ list of the world’s 100 Most Innovative Growth Companies two years in a row.

Edward Berks, Director of Financial Web and Ecosystem at Xero said:

“Our new partnership with Curve makes managing your business spending even easier, freeing up time that can be spent on growing your business instead. And since it reduces manual data entry, reconciliation and human error as a result, our accounting and bookkeeping community will benefit too.”

The feature will help accountants and bookkeepers manage clients’ spending more efficiently, by removing manual data entry, eliminating client errors and automatically importing the right HMRC data to Xero for every transaction, instantly. The feature will send all of a client’s business spend directly to Xero - even for accounts which were not able to directly feed into Xero before.

Nathan Keeley, Partner at accounting firm MHA Carpenter Box adds:

“I’ve never liked having a wallet full of cards, or the extra admin of allocating spending between personal and business expenses. But with my Curve card, the problem is solved. I’m excited to tell my clients about it - not only because it comes at no cost, but it will make their bookkeeping simpler with minimum fuss so that we can focus on adding real value as business advisors.”

Curve recently closed a $10m Series A funding round with investors including Santander InnoVentures and Oxford Capital, and was named 'one to watch' in the 2017 TechTrack rankings.

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Notes to editor

  1. Based on data from Curve, OECD, IMF and Expert Market’s Global Productivity Report, July 2017

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