Go Back in Time with Curve!

Your Curve app just got an upgrade! From today, users on both Android and iOS can officially Go Back in Time with Curve ⏰

Cut out the worry and wasted time of spending on the wrong cards - swap purchases from any one card in your wallet to another for free in less than 10 seconds.

Whether it's walking out of the coffeeshop and realising you've accidentally used your corporate card, or heading out with just your credit card, spending on the wrong card costs you more than money. The time spent manually transferring funds back and forth, plus the hours lost editing expense reports can cost you precious time, too. Go Back in Time makes that a thing of the past, so you have the headspace to focus on the things that matter.

Go Back in Time

Swapping a purchase from one card to another is hassle-free and can be done before you've even walked out the store. Head to the Curve Timeline and select the purchase that you'd like to change the payment method for. Tap "Go Back in Time" under your Transaction Features to bring up the menu, then select your preferred card for that purchase - and that's it! You've just time travelled.

You can use the Go Back in Time feature for any purchase under £1,000 with your Curve Mastercard® within a 14 day window, so there's plenty of time to change 💳 at your own pace. Find out all there is to know on our FAQs.

What are you waiting for? Experience time travel for the first time on the App Store and Play Store today (...or yesterday...)! Check it out and let us know what you think with a review.

Alan McAlpine

Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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