Introducing Curve 1.3 on Android - Receipt capture + more!

We've been working around the clock to bring a bunch of new features to our new Android community on the Curve Android App. We've made a few major changes to bring you a smarter way to manage your money, straight from the Curve app. Introducing Receipt Capture and in-app Notes. Here's what's new:

Get a head start on managing expenses - as you pay - with Receipt Capture

Keep on top of that mountain of receipts without the need to manually pair receipts to transactions one-by-one across all your bank accounts. With Curve 1.3 on Android, you can now attach a receipt to individual purchases and get them sent to your inbox in under a minute.

Whenever you pay with Curve, simply select the transaction you'd like to attach a receipt to in the app and tap 'Add a receipt'. Either add a receipt by snapping a picture from inside the Curve app, or add older images direct from your phone's gallery.

Curve 1.3 receipt capture

Start expensing smarter. Try combining receipt capture with our brand new Email Receipts, and get your complete expense breakdown with Curve delivered automatically to your inbox. You pay with Curve - we'll handle the rest.

Keep better track of your spending with fully customisable transaction notes

Managing multiple cards and purchases is confusing enough without having to remember the little details of what you bought and why. With Curve 1.3 on Android, you can now better track every purchase you make with the Curve Mastercard® straight from your phone with Notes.

From marking down transactions by each project you're working on, to noting down which purchases you need to claim expenses on, you can add notes to purchases by tapping 'Write a note' on any transaction in your Curve app.

Your notes will be saved for future viewings so there are no surprises when you look back at your purchases. If you do notice something you don't recognise, hit 'Report a problem with this transaction' and chat with our all-star support team to resolve your issue.

Other improvements brand new to Curve 1.3

We've updated how Curve notifications are displayed on Android devices. You can now expand push notifications from Curve to find out more details. Our development team have also been busy fixing any bugs reported by the Curve community!

You can find the full description of the latest release in the Play Store (if you have any feedback on the the app, drop us a quick review!). Check out our FAQs for more info, too.

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Alan McAlpine

Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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