Introducing Curve 2.0 - See Money Differently

We're excited to launch Curve 2.0 on iOS, featuring some HUGE design changes, a slicker and smarter Timeline, Filters, the Curve Widget, plus much more!

Download 2.0 on the App Store today, and find out what's new below:

A new view of your money - all in one place

The first thing you'll notice when you open Curve 2.0 is the completely new Home screen and menu - we've built it to give you a quick and up-to-date view of your spending across all your accounts, whenever you need it.

Brand new Carousel and Grid views

Getting an on-demand view of your spending across all your accounts is now easier than ever! For example, comparing how you spend over two or more accounts is as easy as swiping left or right. Simple.

If you're looking for a different way to switch between your 2, 3, ... 20 cards, we've also introduced a Grid mode to Curve. From here, you can quickly view and select your active card. You can even reorder how your cards appear in the app, just like your apps on your iPhone (tap and a hold a 💳 to get started). It's your wallet, redefined.

Filters - a smarter search for you spend

Getting insights into your spending shouldn't mean digging into a pile of receipts and statements, and it certainly shouldn't be causing you needless worry and a headache - so we've introduced smart Filters to Curve.

Filters and a new & improved Timeline

Filter by the card you paid with, by purchases with a scanned receipt, by how many ☕️'s you've had this month, and more. Plus, view and export your filtered statements whenever you need them.

Widget - instant spending insights

You can now get a snapshot of your spending on the go with the Curve widget for your iOS Notification Centre. You'll be able to see your currently active card in Curve, how much you've spent so far today, plus details on your last transaction.

Curve Notification Centre Widget

Introducing 'Curve Connect'

We're excited to release Curve Connect on iOS! In the future, this is where you'll be able to plug your Curve into the best financial tools on the market, whenever you need them. Head to Curve Connect in the app for a sneak peek.

Check out the full description on the App Store or in the Curve app. Plus, share your thoughts and feedback with us on Twitter and Facebook - we're super excited to hear what you think of this one!

Alan McAlpine

Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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