Supercharge your cards with Curve's latest feature set

You asked, we listened - we're excited to add brand new features to Curve's set of services with the latest app update.

Curve users can now instantly lock and unlock their Curve card in-app, better manage their spend with our update transaction list, and get more clarity over their financial world with an updated app design - tune into your finances on the go with Curve.

Take the stress out of losing your card

Whether it's left at your desk, on the train, or down the back of your sofa, we know that losing your card is never a pleasant experience. Sadly we can't magically make your Curve card reappear but we can help make the experience less stressful - with Curve, you can take control and stay secure with the ability to instantly lock and unlock your Curve card with the click of a button in-app.


Misplaced your Curve card, or worried that it's been stolen? Load up the Curve app and lock your card instantly without having to phone up your bank - no one will be able to use your Curve for spending whilst the card is locked. Found your Curve safe in the office? Log back into the app and unlock your card from there, and you'll be good-to-go. Simple, secure stuff.

Get a clearer view of your spending

At Curve, we want to make managing your spend on the go as quick and easy as possible, to help save you time. We've updated the Curve transaction screens, from transaction tagging to scrolling through your transaction list, to give you a quick and easy view of your spend. Transaction tags now appear larger and more central, with design changes to the Curve interface. You'll always know where, when and why you spent - all in one place.


Tune into your business spend: export transactions to csv and log receipts

Need to download your spending data for even more customisation? We've improved our csv export and receipt capturing functions - seamlessly move from your phone to Excel and filter your transactions by card, date, tag, and more. Every transaction at your fingertips for you to log, manage and analyse, with whatever additional tools you choose.

CSV Export

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Alan McAlpine

Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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