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Enter for the chance to win £1,000 - Share your #CurveMoments

Curve is all your cards in one – giving you universal control over your spending, cutting your banks’ fees when you travel, and keeping your cards extra secure while you do so.

Celebrate those magical moments when these features come to life, providing a great experience for you when managing your money with Curve, at home or abroad.

Share your #CurveMoments for the chance to win £1,000!

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How do I enter?

Share your #CurveMoments on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win - upload a video, photo, or text story to showcase your moments! Remember - if you post an image of your card, cover up those sensitive digits!

How do Curve pick the winner?

We don't! We're leaving it to our community to pick the winner of the competition.

The entry with the most shares on Twitter, or likes on Instagram by the end of the competition will win the £1,000 prize!

What should I post?

We're looking to hear about the moments where Curve's features came to life for you! Think you have a unique way of expressing it? Post it on Twitter and Instagram - as long as it's a video, image, soundbite, or text story, we're all ears.

You can keep up with what the Curve community is saying by following the hashtag #CurveMoments on Twitter and Instagram.

Where can I find out more?

Full terms can be found at our #CurveMoments page on the Curve website - we can't wait to get you involved.

Curve simply and securely connects your bank cards into one card, giving you an instant mobile view of your spend across different cards and saving you money abroad. Curve was built to help people who choose to work for themselves live the life they love.

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Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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