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Losing your bank cards happens to all of us - whether it's on the tube, in the hotel, or down the back of the sofa, misplacing a card affects us all. In the UK alone, 20.9 million of us have reported a card as lost or stolen in our lifetime - that's 100 tonnes of plastic (more than 38 Asian Elephants worth of bank cards)!

At Curve, we know that losing your card is never a pleasant experience. Whilst (sadly!) we can't magically make your Curve card reappear, we can make the whole lost card experience much less stressful.

How do we do this?

Keep your old cards safe at home - connect them all up to a single, secure Curve card

Loaded all your cards to the Curve app? You can now leave them at home, safe and sound, taking Curve out instead. Curve, powered by the MasterCard network, is as secure as your existing bank card inside it - plus, we don't store your other bank card's details on the app or reveal it to merchants, making Curve also an extra secure layer on top of all your existing bank cards. Want to make a change to your card details in-app? You'll always be asked for an app passcode or touch ID so we know it's you making the change.

In the past, having more than one bank card meant having more than one PIN, having to go to an ATM or bank to change each PIN, and having to remember which PIN belonged to which card in your wallet. With Curve it's easy. Just one PIN to access every card.

Lock and unlock your Curve card at the touch of a button

With your traditional bank cards, misplacing your card meant worry: worry about where you left the card, that it might have fallen into the wrong hands, and waiting for your bank to send a new card and PIN.

We believe in a simpler and smarter way to give you control over your financial universe, right from the Curve app. Load up the app and lock your card with the click of a button - no one will be able to use your Curve whilst it is locked. No stress whilst you look for your card, plus you'll still have the freedom to use your other cards. Found your Curve in the office? Log back into the app and unlock your card from there, and you'll be good-to-go right away.

Lock you Curve in-app

Keep an eye on your purchases with real-time notifications

Losing a bank card is stressful for a number of reasons, from having to phone your bank, to simply having not knowing whether any unknown transactions have appeared on your account. Refreshing your online bank statement every five minutes might have been the only answer in the past, but at Curve we think you should be in the know - anywhere, all of the time.

See your transactions appear in-app in real time, so you easily track any outgoing spend on your Curve card to make sure it's you doing the spending. No more having to check in with your bank to chase up on transactions - just a clear, straightforward app. We're continuing to make your transaction list more personal, giving you 100% clarity over your spending.

Order your Curve now at our website - Want to find out more? You can see Curve in action here. Using Curve and would like to leave some feedback? We'd love to hear fro you - get in touch with us via Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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Product Marketing at Curve 🚀

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